Our Services

Event Security

We offer high-quality security services throughout the nation, ranging from small family events to security for major businesses and corporations.

Commercial Security

For business owners, security guards are essential to keep you and your customers safe. You may have a great business and generate a lot of revenue, but if there are no proper measures for security, you may end up losing everything to theft and other crimes.

Construction Site Security

Security guard teams at construction sites have multi-faceted jobs. Construction sites must be constantly monitored, using a combination of physical security guards and an electronic system equipped with alarms and cameras to deter or catch trespassers.

Fire Watch

We have a team of fire watch guards ready to come to inspect your premises and identify potential fire hazards. Since danger doesn’t choose a time, it is our mission to always have fire watch guards available at your call. If you need to protect yourself and your property, we are just a phone call away.


Our nationwide personal security teams are professionally trained and fully equipped to handle all your personal security needs. We offer personal security guards for executives, families,  and celebrities. Get the personal security you need. Get a quote now.

Private Investigation

Our nationwide private investigators are professionally trained and fully equipped to investigate any situation imaginable. We offer private investigators for private citizens, small businesses, and large corporations. Our private investigators are standing by. Request a quote.